Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey reacting to his daughter Lori’s sexy photo with Michael B. Jordan

Steve Harvey reacting to his daughter Lori’s sexy photo with Michael B. Jordan

Steve Harvey, like any other parent, has boundaries, particularly when it comes to his daughter Lori Harvey’s connection with Michael B. Jordan.

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey reacting to his daughter Lori’s sexy photo with Michael B. Jordan

On Tuesday, Ellen DeGeneres asked Steve, 65, whether Jordan, 34, had spent the holidays with the Harvey family during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The screen then displayed a sultry shot of Lori, 25, sitting on Jordan’s lap, eliciting a hilariously negative reaction from the Family Feud presenter.

“Take a look at that,” DeGeneres, 63, added, pointing to the close-up. “Do you see what’s going on?”

“I’ve never seen that photo before,” Steve Harvey said. “That picture right there makes me extremely uneasy,” he added. “That image doesn’t appeal to me at all.”

Jordan’s second Christmas with the Harvey family, according to Steve, was this past holiday season. “Hell yes,” Steve Harvey said when asked whether the Creed star was a “decent gift-giver.”

Steve Harvey said, “That’s why I like him.” “That young man has shown up. He’s attempting to win the family’s approval. Because I’m a parent, he got me a huge cigar box with 100 [pack] of the most difficult-to-find cigars. He handed me a package with 100 of them in it.”

“My wife received a pair of skis from him. Who’s responsible for it? “He went on to say “You can only offer your future mother-in-law this information if you do it in a certain manner. You want her to be your mother-in-law, so you give her some skis.”

Jordan is “a genuinely wonderful man” who “comes from a good family,” Steve Harvey said, and he’s “pushing” for him.

Steve Harvey, on the other hand, remarked that he’s still wary of the Emmy contender.

“I had my eye on him at the same time,” Steve Harvey said. “I can’t whoop him, but I’m going to knock his ass out if he ever turns around.”

Lori and Jordan made their Instagram relationship public in January 2021, after fueling dating rumors late in 2020. The two “have become serious rapidly,” according to a source.

Jordan explained why, in comparison to his previous relationships, he was more upfront about his connection with Lori in April.

“I’m still private, and I want to safeguard that,” he previously said, “but it just seemed like a time when I just wanted to put it out there and go on.” “I’m in a fantastic mood.”

“I believe as you grow older, you feel more at ease with the [public character] of the profession,” he continued. “It was a time for me too, I think, take responsibility for that and then go back to work,” says the author.

Steve Harvey has also discussed the couple’s connection on several occasions. The comedian expressed his support for his daughter’s developing love on PEOPLE (the TV program!) last September.

“I don’t talk about these things in public, but right now I’m delighted for my daughter. I’m sincere “‘At the moment,’ he remarked “It’s the first time in our relationship that I’m delighted for her. It’s also the first time she’s felt content.”

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Steve Harvey reacting to his daughter Lori’s sexy photo with Michael B. Jordan
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