Russian troops

Russian troops to quit Kazakhstan, says president

Russian troops to quit Kazakhstan, says president

The president of Kazakhstan announced on Tuesday that Russian-led soldiers would begin leaving from Kazakhstan in two days after the Central Asian country has been stabilized after major turmoil.

Kazakhstan President Kassym Tokayev had a video conversation with parliament after putting down an attempted coup and appointing Alikhan Smailov as the new prime minister of the country.


It seemed to be the latest effort by Tokayev to differentiate himself from his predecessor, Nazarbayev’s cronies, to share their riches, saying that public unhappiness over economic disparity was warranted.


Violence throughout the ex-Soviet republic’s 30 years of independence from Moscow was blamed on intra-clan infighting among the country’s elites, according to several Central Asian scholars.


He added that former President Nazarbayev, who had resigned in 2019, was resigning as president of the influential Security Council, where he had continued to exert influence even after handing over the presidency to his successor in 2019.

Russian troops

Russian troops to quit Kazakhstan, says president

As of this writing, Nazarbayev, the former president of Kazakhstan, has not made a public appearance.


As a result of Nazarbayev’s leadership, Tokayev informed parliament, “a group of highly lucrative corporations as well as a group of affluent individuals” arose in the country.


In my opinion, it’s about time they made good on their promises to the people of Kazakhstan by providing regular and systematic assistance.


His daughter Dinara and her husband, and a father-in-law of the late Nazarbayev’s grandson are all on the list of Kazakhstan’s wealthiest individuals, according to him.


“Everything for friends, and laws for everyone else,” said Tokayev of the banking system’s dominance by huge corporate groupings.


He outlined plans to reduce the wealth gap, boost taxes on the mining industry, and eradicate anomalies in state procurement and sectors where Nazarbayev’s cronies have economic interests in Kazakhstan..


Aside from security officers, Tokayev targeted demonstrators who he said had taken firearms and secret papers from their stations.


Foreign-trained Islamist extremists and “terrorists” are responsible for the bloodshed, he has said.


According to him, on Tuesday, he added that not only had they overlooked the growing danger, but they also failed to respond adequately during the turmoil. Apparently, some of its officials had abandoned premises and left behind weapons and sensitive papers in many places, according to one witness.

At the time, it was speculated that the goal of the Russian-led troops that Tokayev summoned to Nur-Sultan to assist stabilize the situation was to protect the government and Tokayev himself since he couldn’t trust the country’s security forces totally.


Jan. 5 was the day when Tokayev fired Karim Masimov, who was the chairman of the National Security Committee. Then, Masimov was arrested on treason charges. Russian troops




68-year-old Tokayev requested last week that the Moscow-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) deploy soldiers to the country at the height of what he subsequently said was a coup d’etat attempt, whose unknown instigators had thrown half of the oil-rich country’s territory into bloodshed.


One day before, he said that the CSTO operation, which Washington questioned as to its validity and length, included 2,030 soldiers and 250 pieces of military equipment.


That operation had been effectively conducted on Tuesday, according to the CSTO leader. Withdrawal would begin in two days and be complete in ten days.


Russian troops: Defending Kazakhstan from an alleged terrorist revolt sponsored by the United States, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared victory.


Ten thousand individuals have been imprisoned and the search continues for more, according to Kazakh officials, who declare that order has been restored in the country of 19 million. Russian troops


“There is a palpable sense of dread in the nation right now. Fear grips the whole community “An activist in Sweden, Botagoz Issayeva, says she has been contacted by civil society organizations within Kazakhstan.


Russian troops: There were roughly 50 activists removed from their homes and never heard from again, according to her.


“We don’t even know where they’ve been taken and what situation they’re in,” said Issayeva, who leads a civil society alliance that has pressured the European Parliament and U.S. Congress to clamp down on corruption in the nation.


That number, she argued, was extremely low, particularly considering President Tokayev had stated he had issued shoot-to-kill instructions against bandits and terrorists.


Russian troops: Initial peaceful rallies protesting a price hike in gasoline were hijacked by gangs attempting to destabilize the government, officials claim


Russian troops: Turkic States Organisation and Hungary denounced violence and vandalism in Kazakhstan on Tuesday, expressing support for government efforts against “terrorists, radicals, extremism and criminals” in Kazakhstan. 




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Russian troops to quit Kazakhstan, says president
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