"Pelicans blow a large lead, Upsetting the Clippers"

Pelicans Blow A Large Lead, Upsetting The Clippers

Pelicans blow a large lead, yet rally to upset the Clippers

"Pelicans Upsetting Clippers"

Clipps Nation: Pelicans Upsetting Clippers

Third-quarter: Pelicans lose a big lead, then come back to beat the Clippers. They’ll go to the playoffs.

On Friday night, the Pelicans took on the LA Clippers in a play-in game. Coach Willie Green was trying to figure out what would work.

Here was Green, a new head coach, and Ty Lue, a champion-winning coach who some say is one of the best in the league. They were going back and forth with adjustments. Green called it a “heavyweight fight.” By the end of the third quarter, the Clippers had a 10-point lead over New Orleans, which had a 16-point lead at the start of the game.

But when he and his team needed it the most, Green and the Pelicans threw haymaker after haymaker. Jonas Valanciunas hit the final blow with 12.6 seconds to go, dribbling the ball home and giving the Pelicans a 105-101 victory.

No. 8 seed New Orleans will play the No. 1 seed Phoenix Suns in the play-in round. Their first-round game starts on Sunday night. The Pelicans are only the fourth team in NBA history to start a season with a record of 1-12 or worse and make the playoffs, according to ESPN stats and information. The 1996-97 Suns, the 1984-85 Cleveland Cavaliers, and the 1967-68 Chicago Bulls are the three other teams that did this.

A 34-6 run by the Clippers in the last minute of the second quarter and into the third quarter quickly changed things for the Clippers. The Pelicans led by 10 at halftime, but that quickly changed for the Clippers.


As soon as they found out about Paul George’s health and safety measures, Los Angeles was a little slow to start. This year Kawhi Leonard didn’t play for the Clippers at all. Before that, the Clippers were already without him.


That’s not true. Lue’s team did not give up, though. It was in the third quarter that he made a change. He started Robert Covington instead of Ivica Zubac, and New Orleans didn’t have an answer for him.

Then,    Green was on a team with Brandon Ingram, C.J. McCollum, Larry Nance Jr., Trey Murphy, Herb Jones, and Trey Murphy all playing a lot of minutes down the stretch. On defense, it gave New Orleans a lineup that could be changed quickly and could make enough shots to get things going on the offensive side.


Green’s fiery speech in the fourth quarter was part of what got the Pelicans going. Murphy said something that caught him off guard, which made Green angry.


“It was a side of Willie that I hadn’t seen before.” A lot of anger came out of him, Murphy told the group. “Most of the time, he’s very calm, but he got really excited and started to fight with us.” Think that helped us in the fourth quarter. After all, we didn’t want to end our season. We wanted to keep playing, and he was a big part of that.


Afterward, the Pelicans came back and fought back with a 27-7 run that gave them a 101-94 lead with 2:10 to go. Murphy made his fourth 3-pointer of the night.


He said, “People stepped up.” We all thought Trey Murphy did a good job in the fourth quarter. Defensive rebounding and shooting the ball well to score. We’ll need that from him as we go on. It was Larry Nance’s first game, and he did a great job on the ice. Everyone had to do something for us today.



“He was making changes,” Green said. “He took out his bigs. We were trying to learn to live with them. It didn’t work for us, though. Our bigs were put back in. Not for us, either.


Trying to figure out how we could play on both sides of the floor at the same time, we threw darts at the dart board.

There were a lot of points scored by Ingram in the first quarter. He had 16 of his game-high 30 points in the first quarter. Green said that Ingram had been a lock since the team left New Orleans, and he had been since then.


Ingram is the truth, Green said. Then he just brought it. During the flight, he had that look in his eye. Shootaround, he’s been held back. This is the moment he has been waiting for, or at least the kind of moment.


Even though Nance came off the bench and scored 14 points, Green also thanked him. He also said that with 4:02 to go, Nance dribbled in a dunk that put New Orleans up for good.


“Larry was a badass,” Green said. Because of how they play, we thought it would be like that. Ty Lue made changes to the team, and Larry can defend a lot of people on the outside. He’s tall, strong, and can catch the ball. We can’t win that game without him.


First time Ingram has made it to the NBA playoffs. He says he’s excited about it, which is why he’s so happy. This is what the Pelicans did with McCollum when they traded him during the middle of the season. He has never missed the playoffs in his nine-year career after making eight straight.


McCollum said that he is happy that his teammate will be able to join him in the playoffs.


Asked about Ingram, McCollum said, “He’s one of the ones, too.” “He’s a great player.” He gets to his place. You know I play with him, which is great. But it’s good for the world to see who he is. Some people think that if you don’t make the playoffs, they don’t know how good they are. Because of this, he now gets to play on the biggest stage. Tonight, he showed how good he is.


They lost on Friday night, ending a season filled with what-ifs because their two stars were out for so long, so the Clippers didn’t win. During the season, George didn’t play in 52 games, including Friday’s play-in game. The Clippers went 24-28 without him, and 18-14 with him in the team. It doesn’t look like Leonard will be back soon because he has a torn ACL.


Lue said that he thinks the Clippers can be a force next year if George and Leonard are healthy.


As Lue said, “We get our main players back.” Because we can be dangerous. Everyone should be healthy. To stay healthy and keep working, we have to stay healthy and keep going.


He said: “When you get Kawhi back, a top-five player and a point guard, your team changes a lot.” Guys who have taken on bigger roles this year and who have never been in this position before can kind of fall back into their old roles. This is a good thing for them. We could be very different if those two guys were back and well. We can make ourselves stand out.https://www.espn.in/nba/story/_/id/33748068/pelicans-lose-big-lead-third-quarter-rally-clippers-fourth-reach-playoffs.

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Pelicans Blow A Large Lead, Upsetting The Clippers
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