Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon Addresses His Affairs on the Set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Despite Allegations of Physical and Verbal Abuse

Joss Whedon Addresses His Affairs on the Set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Despite Allegations of Physical and Verbal Abuse

Joss Whedon has spoken out about the many charges of misbehavior leveled against him, including claims that he had relationships with Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast members.

Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon Addresses His Affairs on the Set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Despite Allegations of Physical and Verbal Abuse

Joss Whedon, who developed and served as showrunner for the first five seasons of the iconic 1990s series, was alleged to have slept with two of the show’s actresses. He told New York Magazine’s Vulture in a recent interview that he felt “f——- horrible” about his extramarital relationships. (Buffy was married to now-ex-wife Kai Cole throughout his time on The WB from 1997 to 2003.)

When questioned why he felt awful, he said that having sex with the celebrities who work for him “mucks up the power dynamic.” He subsequently stated that he felt he “had” to sleep with them and was “powerless” to stop himself because he believed he would “always regret it” if he didn’t.

In another section of the report, an unidentified “high-level member” of the Buffy production crew claimed to have seen Whedon and one of the actresses making out on the floor of her office.

“They’d slam against the back of my chair. How do you plan on concentrating? It was revolting “she added, saying that similar occurrences had occurred before and that she had left the program as a result. Hedon, 57, denied making out with the actress on the floor, saying, “These behaviors indicated he had no regard for me and my profession.” “That seems to be untrue. He told Vulture, “I don’t comprehend that tale even a tiny bit,” and said it didn’t make sense since he “lived in horror.” “a large number of people become aware of the affairs

He also rejected a slew of additional allegations of wrongdoing on his TV series sets. During a wardrobe debate between him and actor Sarah Michelle Gellar, who portrayed the titular character, he allegedly screamed at her, according to Buffy costume designer Cynthia Bergstrom.

“Joss, let’s just get her dressed,” Bergstrom remarked. “He grabbed my arm and sank his fingers into it until the flesh was imprinted with his fingernails, and I yelled, ‘You’re hurting me.'”

Joss Whedon said, “I don’t believe that.” “I was often upset, but I never became violent with them.”

Joss Whedon viciously belittled a different writer in front of the whole team, according to a writer on another of his programs, Firefly.

The writer described it as “essentially 90 minutes of venomous ridicule.” “Joss Whedon claimed to have a slide projector, and as he moved through the slides and created funny voices — humorous for him — he read the dialogue out loud and imagined he was delivering a lesson on awful writing. The males were engrossed in their books, but this lady fought back tears the whole time. I’ve had my fair share of shady showrunners, but it’s the desire to harm that sticks out for me right now.”

Joss Whedon said that he never embarrassed anybody on his team on purpose. “It will be an issue for me if I offend someone,” he remarked.

The fresh allegations, as well as Whedon’s statements in Vulture, come almost a year after Buffy actor Charisma Carpenter accused him of being violent on the show and its spinoff, Angel. He’s also been accused of inappropriate conduct while filming Justice League in 2017.

Costars Geller, Amber Benson, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Eliza Dushku all came out in support of Carpenter when she spoke out, with Benson stating that the set was a “toxic atmosphere.”

Trachtenberg, who portrayed Buffy’s younger sister, also alleged that after an unspecified incident on set, Joss Whedon was not permitted to be alone with her and that his conduct was “extremely. Not. Appropriate.”

Carpenter had previously claimed that Joss Whedon called her “fat” after discovering she was pregnant, and Joss Whedon confessed that he “was not mannerly” in his contacts with her at the time.

He, on the other hand, denied calling her obese. “The majority of my interactions with Charisma were enjoyable and engaging. She struggled with her lines at times, but no one could deliver a punch line as she could “he stated

Overall, JossWhedon believes he might have done a better job as a showrunner, but that he is “one of the kinder showrunners that have ever been.”

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Joss Whedon Addresses His Affairs on the Set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Despite Allegations of Physical and Verbal Abuse
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