Israel observes day of mourning for religious festival dead

Israel observes day of mourning for religious festival dead

Israel observes day of mourning for religious festival dead

On Sunday 45 people killed at a Jewish religious celebration, flaging reduced to half-personnel and concerns over liability for one of the worst civilian tragedies in the world, were watched in mourning by Israel. Israel was killed.

Israel observes day of mourning for religious festival dead

The funerals were performed as soon as possible according to Jewish custom. Over the night after formal discovery, over 20 of the people who were casualties of Friday’s Mount Meron tragedy were seized.

“I wish that even a small portion of your standing in the studies and holy devotion is achieved,” said Avigdor Chayut in a funeral in Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv, eulogising his 13-year-old son, Yedidya.

The victims died when Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a Jewish mystic, was stamped into northern Israel on a yearly pilgrimage into a huge crowd of ultra-orthodox believers to the tomb of the Jewish mystic of the second century.

Testimonies identified in a lined and slippery metal-floored passage a pyramid of corpses, including many infants.

Israel’s media estimates that about 100,000 citizens participated in the exercise, which underlined that a country that had speeded up others through its vaccine roll-over has relaxed its coronavirus restrictions.

There was a lot of evidence that a tragedy awaited a pilgrimage site labelled as dangerous by state investigators years before.

There were still questions over why the Government and police were unable to limit the scale of the audience enough that ultra-orthodox rabbis and lawmakers might not be irritated.

Culture Minister Hili Tropper said to Kan on public radio “There is a need for a comprehensive investigation. “This awful catastrophe would help us to see… that the state cannot lay the laws in any place.”

The Ministry of Justice said authorities were going to examine what police brutality had occurred.


The Mount Meron site was run by 4 independent private religious organisations, according to police and regional government authorities, rendering it impossible to monitor.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, promised an inquiry. His presidential authorization to establish a new government expired on Wednesday, after an inconclusive elections on March 23, but public appeals to decide the liability of the new administration for this tragic event seemed certain.

The U.S. embassy claimed U.S. civilians were killed and wounded, but didn’t identify them straight away.

Some of the dead, like a nineteen-year-old in Israel, have been named by the U.S. media. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday that two Canadians were killed in the tragedy.

Leaders worldwide, including U.S. President Joe Biden and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, have received condolence.



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