Iran negotiator: based on accords so far, U.S. sanctions on oil, banks would be lifted

Iran negotiator: based on accords so far, U.S. sanctions on oil, banks would be lifted

Iran negotiator: based on accords so far, U.S. sanctions on oil, banks would be lifted

The Iranian lead Nuclear Negotiator said Saturday that Tehran is expecting the US sanctions on crude, banks and most of the individuals and entities to be removed in Wien based on agreements so far.

Iran negotiator: based on accords so far, U.S. sanctions on oil, banks would be lifted

In the course of the talks to get Iran and the United States to completely comply with a nuclear agreement in 2015, Russia and the Western Europe authorities meanwhile sent opposite reports on the mission ahead, as talks postponed for six days.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abbas Araqchi, quoted Iranian State media: “All sanctions on the Iranian energy sector, which involve oil and gas or on the automobile industry, industrial, banking and port sanctions, should be removed on the basis of agreements achieved so far.”

Araqchi did not state what mechanisms would raise penalties or how Tehran would satisfy the demands of Washington and resume its undertakings under the agreement.

“We are going to talk before both parties get closer to each other and our conditions are fulfilled,” he added. “If they are achieved an agreement will be reached, otherwise, of course, no agreement will be reached.”

The U.S. Department of State asked for comments on previous tweets, including comments by the U.S. National Security Consultant, Jake Sullivan, who claimed on Friday that the talks were “in an unknown position.”

Sullivan said, referring to the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action, title of the nuclear agreement “We have seen readiness of every side, including Iranians, for seriously talking about sanctions relief constraints and a route back into the CSPA.”

“But whether it would culminate in a contract in Vienna is still unclear,” he said.

The Department of State also pointed to state department Speaker Ned Price’s remarks of Thursday when he said that the sides were “not in the custody of any breakthroughs.”

President Joe Biden wants to go back to the agreement withdrawn in 2018 by former President Donald Trump. Through violating much of the limitations of the agreement on its nuclear operations, Trump reinforced restrictions against Tehran and Iran.

Conversations with other parties to the agreement – Iran, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany – started in Wien last month and the United States met in a luxurious hotel basement across the street at another hotel. Iran declined to hold U.S. representatives direct talks.

“We’ve got plenty of jobs, no time remaining. Against this backdrop, this week we would have expected further success “Senior diplomats, France, Britain and Germany, from the so-called E3, said in a communication.

Officials expressed the expectation that they will enter an understanding on the further supervision of certain Iranian nuclear operations before 21 May, when an agreement between Tehran and the U.N. Nuclear Watchdog expires. [

“On the most important points we are yet to learn. No, but not unlikely, success is assured, “They added. They added.

Russia’s envoy to the United Nations nuclear watchdog, Mikhail Ulyanov, informed reporters that breakthroughs will not be anticipated in the next few days following a conference of the remaining parties ending their third round of discussions. He said that on Friday the talks would return.

“We just need to do our political, day-to-day job, and we’ve got every reason to anticipate that the result, (the) actual outcome will succeed and will arrive really quickly in a few weeks’ time.”

Discussions were likely to break up because the diplomats said that the seven-ministry foreign ministers in London will also take part in the conference, which starts on Monday and ends Wednesday.

Araqchi said that in his remarks “There are expressly sanctioned persons and organisations and the (U.S.) list is lengthy. Discussions on the list continue “There was a mistake. He said that more than a majority of the list will remove the sanctions under what had been negotiated so far.



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