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Grand Theft Auto Online Should Add Gang Warfare

Grand Theft Auto Online Should Add Gang Warfare

For a variety of reasons, Grand Theft Auto 5 has remained popular for so long. There is never a lack of things to do in this universe, which are meticulously designed. Three protagonists’ stories are intertwined to form a gripping criminal tale. In the end, though, it is GTA Online, which transports players to a version of Los Santos where people from all over the globe live together, that has kept GTA 5 alive. Players in Grand Theft Auto Online may become rich businessmen, compete in races, or simply cause mayhem.

Grand Theft Auto Online is continually updated but does not have the same gang warfare options as older GTA games. Gamers will have additional reasons to go to various parts of the map if gang warfare is included.

Many Grand Theft Auto games have had gang warfare as an element. A fictitious US state, San Andreas, features the fictional city of Los Santos, the setting for Rockstar’s 2004 game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. When Carl Johnson, a.k.a. CJ, returns to his hometown following the loss of his mother, players assume control of him. Upon returning to Los Santos, he finds that his gang, the Grove Street Families, is in chaos and pledges to fix it.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online Should Add Gang Warfare

Players may engage in gang warfare after completing a few objectives. This is done by executing rival gang members in territory controlled by competing gangs. Waves of criminals will come at the players. The Grove Street Families will take control of the region if the players are successful in eliminating them all.


Controlling a piece of land has a lot of advantages. Players gain reputation and money by gaining control of new area. Players will also not be assaulted by other gangs when going within Grove Street Families-controlled area. Enemy gangs may periodically assault Grove Street Families’ territories, requiring players to hurry to the scene to protect their territory.


As gang members approach in waves, they are equipped with a broad variety of weaponry, making it difficult to take over regions. Guns and ammo are essential to winning gang fights, but players must also have a solid sense of the territory’s structure since it is simple to get overwhelmed by foes. Grand Theft Auto Online


Grand Theft Auto Online: In Grand Theft Auto 4, gang warfare returns. Players assume control of Johnny, a member of the motorcycle group The Lost MC in GTA 4’s downloadable content “The Lost and Damned.” A gang war may be sparked by players hopping on their motorcycles and traveling to a prearranged meeting spot. The more gang conflicts Johnny wins, the more enemies he will have to deal with in the future. As a result, your adversaries will be armed to the teeth. Players who finish gang battles in The Lost and Damned will get prizes similar to those seen in San Andreas.


Grand Theft Auto Online: The advent of gang warfare to every Grand Theft Auto game is always a blast since it allows players to unleash their arsenal on swarms of foes. It is unfortunate that Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online do not include gang fights as epic as those in San Andreas and GTA 4.




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Grand Theft Auto Online Should Add Gang Warfare
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