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Genshin Impact Clip Shows Player Unleashing Unlimited Mona Burst

Genshin Impact Clip Shows Player Unleashing Unlimited Mona Burst

If you’re a casual Genshin Impact player, the addition of a new zone to explore will likely be your favorite part of the game. The long-awaited Inazuma islands have been added to Genshin Impact in the previous few updates, and it seems like miHoYo isn’t intending on stopping there.

The vastness of Teyvat’s explorable landscape means that Genshin Impact errors are far from uncommon. While most of the problems occur in the enormous realm of Teyvat, a character’s kit may also be affected, giving the player an unfair edge over other players.

Video of Albedo and Mona standing in front of Mondstadt’s main gate was just posted on the official Genshin Impact subreddit. It’s interesting to note that although Albedo’s model is perfectly normal, Mona’s character repeatedly uses her Elemental Burst.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Clip Shows Player Unleashing Unlimited Mona Burst

This strange animation has been the subject of much speculation among gamers in the comment area. Most Genshin Impact players believe that this is a glitch that arises when a player joins another’s planet. In the second belief, the presence of two characters indicates that one of them has left this realm and entered another.


Mona is one of the most versatile characters in Genshin Impact since she can play a variety of different roles. Mona, like Jean, may be better suited to a supporting role now that the cast includes more compelling individuals. She needs a powerful DPS character to help her reach her full potential, but even without constellations, she’s rather formidable. The Standard Banner contains a number of well-known faces from the game, including Diluc, Jean, and Keqing.


Because all those characters are commonly dumped on this banner, there is no compelling incentive for players to pull for this banner. The regular banner has a 50% chance of dropping a five-star character, whereas limited banners have a 90% chance of dropping a five-star character. Genshin Impact has previously indicated that a new system may be included in future updates that enable players to get the basic banner characters without having to pay any Primogems.




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Genshin Impact Clip Shows Player Unleashing Unlimited Mona Burst
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