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Finland’s ‘Partying’ PM Sanna Marin Video Rivals American Politicians

Finland’s ‘Partying’ PM Sanna Marin Video Rivals American Politicians

Leaked video accuses Finnish PM Sanna Marin of “partying” too much.

Americans have compared Marin to U.S. leaders with a distinct image. Some linked the scenario to Alexandria Ocasio-dance Cortez’s video.

Sanna Marin

Sanna Marin

Visegrád 24 released a fresh video of Marin, 36, online. On Twitter alone, nearly 1.2 million people have seen and shared the video.

Visegrád 24: “She’s been condemned for visiting too many music festivals and partying instead than ruling.” It’s not PM-worthy, say critics.
Marin is seen singing and dancing with pals in a video from @rayharautio’s Instagram stories. They perform for the camera at a home party.

Several U.S. politicians’ behaviour was compared to Finland. @thatjenmonroe said America is “full with elderly 9pm-bedtime politicians” but Finland has Marin. @VersaceCeaser elaborated. “Our young, rooted leader parties too hard. Our leaders are dead, have no good ideas, and never attend parties “writing
“America’s doomed. Finns got cooler when?” @FakeDawnSummers tweeted Marin’s video.

@fourtwenty4 20 retweeted Rob Reiner’s tweet on Liz Cheney. “Liz Cheney’s defeat proves it. The GOP abandoned American democracy for a sociopath “Writer Reiner

Others linked Marin’s behaviour to Trump’s. Sanna Marin spends less time at the club than Trump did golfing, tweeted @MatthewDownhour. @rovim15615: “Trump would have gotten away with worse.”

It’s not too late to take Finland out of NATO, @OurBlueAmerica joked in reaction to the video.

“In America, a third of the population is armed and conducting terrorism before and after a coup to install a dictator for life and kill the succession line. All as institutions fall,” tweeted @RealNeilC. “In #Finland, the PM is too hot.”
British Twitter users compared Marin’s party to Boris Johnson dancing to Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.”

Marin was elected in 2019 after partying scandal. In December 2021, she went to a nightclub after getting in contact with COVID-19, but she didn’t receive isolation alerts since she left her work phone elsewhere. She apologised for her mistake.

As Marin’s video was debated on Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok, some chastised her, but others found nothing wrong with her having fun.

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Finland’s ‘Partying’ PM Sanna Marin Video Rivals American Politicians
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