COVID 19 Potential Cure and Important Precautionary Measures

COVID 19 Potential Cure and Important Precautionary Measures

Carona Virus, commonly known as COVID 19, is a latest pandemic that has the shaken the whole world right now reaching the death toll of 30,299, while the COVID 19 confirmed cases are 650, 926 as of 28 March 2020. The information is available on Worldometers website The world is in panic and the fear is real. Originated in Wuhan, China, it spread quickly in 199 countries and the world is still trying to develop a vaccine for the virus. Now the brief introduction has been read, it’s time to move on to few facts that it isn’t as deadly as the world has projected. It has a recovery rate 98%, meaning that there are only 2% mortality rate. There are reports and videos made by COVID 19 survivors and this post’s aim is to tell the truth about fighting off this virus without a vaccine to the whole world. In all entirety, the hope is not lost and it’s not an apocalyptic situation as the whole world has been projecting ever since the spread. This post would uncover the potential cure with examples from the world and a few videos that would give hope to you that it is still treatable without a vaccine.COVID 19 Potential Cure and Important Precautionary Measures

Important Precautionary Measures:

  1. Good Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is not only for avoiding potential contact with the COVID 19 virus, it also saves us from many life threatening diseases such as diarrhea, Cholera, influenza etc. Although, these diseases have cures but if left untreated, it could severely damage one’s health leading to death. So, a personal hygiene is must irrespective of virus. The good personal hygiene may include taking baths regularly, washing or sanitizing hands, changing of clothes, bed covers, spraying disinfectant on the regularly used items and furniture like door knobs, sofas, dining tables, laptops, mobile phone etc. Think of it as saving oneself from potential diseases. It’s also good for health.

  1. Stop Smoking and Alcohol Intake

COVID 19 virus attacks the lungs making it harder to breath, one of the symptoms includes congestion. Hence Smoking and Alcohol intake weakens the lungs and make people more susceptible and easier target for the virus. Instead, take a lot fluids and drink a lot of warm water to stay hydrated and healthy. I believe that it is easier said than done but what’s more important than life, right?

  1. Personal Protective Equipment or PPE

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE may sound very intimidating but in truth, they are cheap and must have invaluable things right now. It includes Masks, Sanitizers, Gloves, Disinfectant sprays. It’s better to be safe than sorry and hence, keeping these things with you while you decide to go out to buy some groceries or do some routine work is a great idea. Always make sure that you dispose of them after a single use. Always spray disinfectant on door knobs or elevator buttons before pushing them and always sanitize your hands before and after eating and a handshake.

  1. Social Distancing

Although it’s hard for us to maintain social distancing, being the social animals that we are, but in time of need, it is the most important precaution to take. People carrying the COVID 19 virus may not show symptoms but they can easily spread the virus. Hence it is important. We know that this is very difficult but we have suggestions to overcome this difficulty. We have Internet, we can make calls to our friends and colleagues, or chat with random people online. There are tons load of sites that have chatrooms and several socializing apps. At last, our dreams of Netflix and chill has come true, so make the best of it.

  1. Staying Home

It might sound the same as social distancing but there’s a slight difference. Going out, strolling in the park, watching the people pass by is fun but in these dire times, we need to stay home as long as we can. We suggest that you make a list and go out for groceries to buy them that will last a month. In this way, you could avoid going out unnecessarily for little things. The more you stay away from people, the more you are safe. Remember, we all have families and by ignoring the precautions, we might endanger our families. So, keep yourself and family safe and enjoy the time. We believe that it’s the best time for family bonding. Enjoy indoor games and sports, bond with family because when we had normal busy life, we had little time for family. We would say that it is a blessing in disguise.

Corona Virus Survivors:

  1. Naas Daily Video about 17 Singapore COVID Survivors

According to Naas daily, in Singapore 17 people got affected. They suffered with virus while their kids suffered from bullying, being called COVID Kids. The time was tough but they all recovered, all 17 of them, making it a 100% recovery rate. Remember, we have no vaccine in hand yet these people survived and are tested negative and are spending their normal lives. The video link is down below.


  1. 103 years old women recovered from COVID 19 virus in Wuhan

Zhang Guangfen, being the oldest women in recorded history to recover from COVID 19, was hospitalized and treated for 6 days and Praise the Lord, she recovered. It is thought that the old people and people with pre-existing medical conditions are more at risk, but 100-year-old Alzheimer, heart failure, and hypertension patient also recovered in Wuhan after being treated by military doctors. Hence, the hope is not lost and without the vaccine, these people survived is nothing less of a miracle.

Potential Cure for COVID 19

As the virus can’t survive in hot temperatures around 3Oo, there are many things a person can do to maintain a steady temperature and survive the COVID 19 virus. Remember, there are lots of myths affiliated with the stated cure below but behind every myth, there is some truth that unravels the mystery. Hence, here we go.

  1. Taking Hot Showers

Taking Hot showers maintains the body temperature and is a good way to get bacteria and virus off the body. So, make it a habit to take hot showers at least twice a day. The benefits include relaxing of muscles, freshness and lesser fatigue. It doesn’t hurt right, plus it’s a good personal hygiene practice.

  1. Gargling with Warm Saline Water

Although there is no scientific proof of it killing the virus, but if a person is infected and is facing a severe sore throat, it will lessen the inflammation, plus, it will kill the virus as warm temperature kills it. That being said, if it is still in the throat. So, it’s a good practice and a good preventive measure.

  1. Blowing Steam

Yes, by this, we mean Exercise. Exercise is really important for us in many ways. It raises up the body temperature, strengthens our muscles and joints, lessens the body weight and boost immunity. By exercising daily, we may reduce the chance of being infected by the virus. It’s a must.

  1. Taking Supplementary Vitamins

By taking our daily vitamins intake, we can boost our immunity and the better immunity we have, the better are our chances of survival. Hence, taking our supplementary diets and vitamins may help us fighting off the infection caused by the COVID virus and it is one of the best cure out there. Although many would disagree but it’s the battle of the wills and personal health against the virus, hence, it’s better to be healthy than be scared.

  1. Good Mental Health

Stress and anxiety weakens our immune response making us susceptible to diseases. Remaining positive, strong and healthy is one of the best way to cope with the COVID 19 pandemic. Many psychological factors increase the rate of infections and diseases and the hysteria and the panic caused by the world has placed people under this unavoidable fear. We believe that mental health and positive attitude is a must.

By these potential cure, we don’t mean to undermine the importance of precautions. We just suggested and collected people’s response to disease and the information about the survivors from internet and compiled up this article to the best of our ability. Please leave us comments about what are your thoughts and experiences about this and we’d love to hear about your views and opinions.

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COVID 19 Potential Cure and Important Precautionary Measures
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