China condemns G7 statement censuring Beijing, supporting Taiwan

China condemns G7 statement censuring Beijing, supporting Taiwan

China condemns G7 statement censuring Beijing, supporting Taiwan

China denounced a joint statement issued by the G7 foreign ministers on Thursday that voiced solidarity for Chinese-claimed Taiwan and portrayed Beijing as a tyrant, calling it a gross intrusion in Chinese internal affairs.

China condemns G7 statement censuring Beijing, supporting Taiwan

In a communique issued following the G7 summit in London, foreign ministers stated that China was accused of human rights violations as well as using “coercive economic policies,” which the G7 will address collectively.

In an unprecedented step, the G7 also voiced approval for Taiwan’s involvement in World Health Organization forums and the World Health Assembly, while also expressing alarm regarding “any unilateral measures that might exacerbate tensions” in the Taiwan Strait.

In a statement issued in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin denounced the statement, calling it “baseless allegations” and a gross intrusion in China’s internal affairs.

“This is the willful undermining of foreign affairs standards,” he added.

He added that the G7 as a collective should take proactive steps to support the global economic recovery rather than undermine it.

Wang also chastised the G7 for stockpiling COVID-19 vaccines and taking a “wishy-washy” approach to assisting other nations.

“They should not criticise and intervene in other countries with arrogance, compromising the current main priority of international anti-pandemic cooperation,” he added.

China considers Taiwan to be its own region and rejects any formal Taiwan representation on a global scale. In recent months, China has also increased military operations around Taiwan in an attempt to assert its sovereignty claims.

The G7 declaration was met with enthusiasm in Taipei, where the government stated that it was the first time the foreign ministers had included the island in their joint communique.

Taiwan’s Presidential Office expressed gratitude to the G7 for its assistance.

“Taiwan will continue to strengthen its cooperative relationship with G7 member countries, and will continue to contribute the largest positive factor to global health and people’s well-being, as well as the Indo-Pacific region’s security, stability, and development,” said spokesman Xavier Chang.



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