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Brianna Kupfer Murdered in Random Daylight Assault

Brianna Kupfer Murdered in Random Daylight Assault

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A total of $250,000 is being given to assist LAPD to find the individual responsible for the death of UCLA graduate student Brianna Kupfer in a random daylight assault at a high-end furnishings shop.

Brianna Kupfer

The photo of Brianna Kupfer.

The prize is being given for information leading to the arrest or conviction of a suspect or suspects in the stabbing death of the 24-year-old last Thursday.

As he announced the prize, Councilman Paul Koretz stated, “We will identify this horrible criminal, we will have him caught, and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.”

“Brianna Kupfer, who was born, educated, and establishing her profession here in Los Angeles, was a rising light in our community whose ascension was cut short unfairly last Thursday by a callous criminal,” Koretz stated on behalf of Kupfer’s family. “She personified all that is wonderful about Los Angeles, and the whole city should mourn her death.”

When a guy visited the shop where Brianna Kupfer was working as a consultant for Croft House on North La Brea Avenue, he was alone. Authorities stated in a news conference Tuesday that she texted a friend stating she was receiving “bad feelings” from the guy, but the friend didn’t receive the message in time.

The guy assaulted her with a knife a short time later. The suspect was described as a “random walk into the business” by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Following the incident, surveillance footage captured the guy casually going along the back alleys of the establishments toward Oakwood Ave.

A client walked in about 20 minutes later and saw Brianna Kupfer dead in a pool of blood on the shop floor.

“At this moment, there is no known motivation,” the LAPD added.

Police issued a more comprehensive description of the suspect on Tuesday, indicating that he is an African American male with a slim physique and short dreadlocks. His height is estimated to be between 6-feet and 6-feet-5-inches. The suspect was dressed in a “distinctive rucksack” and a painter’s style facial covering that looked “like a cone, not an N95 mask,” according to police.

Brianna Kupfer attended Brentwood High School as well as the University of Miami and the University of Sydney. Her father characterized her as a lovely angel who was intelligent, committed to her family, had many friends, had huge aspirations, and had her whole life ahead of her.

The young woman’s father is distraught, blaming local leaders for allowing criminals to roam freely on the streets.

West Bureau Homicide detectives may be reached at 213-382-9470, 877-LAPD-247, or Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS with information on the assault.

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Brianna Kupfer Murdered in Random Daylight Assault
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