Beginning of Kashmir Issue

Beginning of Kashmir Issue

                                                 Beginning of Kashmir Issue

A Kashmir issue is the oldest conflict of today international world. While, United nation has always endorsed India to conduct plebiscite according to UN resolution. Kashmir tyranny and ill treatment had begun before the separation of both India-Pakistan. Kashmir was an independent state before the Sikh ruler. In the Mughal era, this region was used for their summer vacation. The Afghan sent Kashmiri people to Afghanistan, as a slave. According to British, Sikh people treated him better than cattle in their regime. Sikh’s ruler imposed a fine on murder. If native Sikh had killed, the government would charge 16 to 18 Kashmiri rupees. If the victim is Hindu it would give 8 rupees and if they are Muslim, 4 rupees as compensation for the death of their love ones . however, Kashmiri Muslim always suppressed by every ruler.Beginning of Kashmir Issue

The Dogra regime was the worst period in the history of Kashmir. In 1846, British had conquered the Sikh regime for the first time. After war British sold Kashmir in lump sum amount of 7.5 million to Dogra for his loyalty in the war against Sikhs. The Gulab Singh era was the worst phase in the history of Kashmir. The ruler also changed kosher language with Urdu as official language in the region. After this regime condition of Kashmir was miserable day by day due to language barrier.

 Dogra obtruded strict taxes on valley, in an attempt to rise 7.5 million Kashmiri rupees, they had paid to buy Kashmir from British. In order to show loyalty towards British., Kashmiri people fought both world war 1 and 2 in Dogra regime. However, almost 50 to 60 percent lands controlled by Dogra regime. This was the worst the alarming economic stituation in Kashmir by any ruler. If Muslim wanted to get married, they had to pay tax on marriage ceremony. They had to pay extra taxes and paid certain amount on filling the tax returnee. However, the condition of Kashmiri pundits was better than the Muslim. They got good jobs in Ghulab Singh era.  

In 1924, their economic condition improved with the uprising of some local and political parties. With the years of their struggle, Dogra rule allowed genesis of three political parties, Kashmiri Pundit Conference, Hindu Sabha in Jammu and Sikh Sharmansi Khalsa Darbar. Despite the Muslim majority in the valley, only non-Muslim political parties were allowed in the valley.

In 1924, one event was impacted on the Kashmir people. The case hearing of Abdul Kareem on July. Kashmir Muslim attacked on the jail, in this uprising 22 Muslim were killed by the state. According to one of the scholar, this was happened due to tyranny behavior of the state on Muslim. However, after this Hindu shops was looted by Muslim for the first time in the valley.  

However, with the passage of time, their working class aggression (Kashmir people) changed into religious identity by some perspective of Hindu majority rulers. Maharaja of Dogra rule acceded Kashmir with India, due to invasion of tribesmen from Pakistan. However, Nehru had granted special status to Kashmir article 370. In which defense and foreign policy controlled by India. While Kashmir would have their own parliament, flag and constitution. India and Pakistan had fought several wars on Kashmir. However, Kashmir people of both sides have waited for their independence according to United Nation resolution.

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Beginning of Kashmir Issue
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